About Me - Kathy Collier
Photo by Janel Johnson


I'm a native of Tennessee and currently live in South Carolina. I'm also a US Air Force veteran with 22 years of military service. While actively serving, I spent 20 years in the Southwest United States. This gave me a great appreciation of the flora, sandstone and strange geological anomalies indigenous to that region.

After I retired from the Air Force, I moved back to the Southeast United States to work for the US Army as an educator. I was back in the home of my youth, where I relish the vibrant spring greens, multitude of flowers, colorful fall leaves and ancient swamps. It was there that I turned to my creative side to share the beauty I saw around me.

I began dabbling in photography and found a passion I didn't know I had. The military provided structure and rules to follow but in photography, although there are rules, you often get great results when you break them.

My photographic pursuit has taken me around the United States exploring and capturing the treasures of this great nation. I devote my work mainly to  this country because it has so much to offer, I could not experience it all in my lifetime. 

Beauty is everywhere but I focus on the natural world from which we've become disconnected. It evokes an emotional response I want to share and entice you to experience for yourself. Emotions that call you  to take a moment out of your busy day and find that respite, a place of solitude joy or awe. I present my art as an uplifting refuge for the weary mind, to inspire you to unplug from the chatter and step into the magic, to disconnect so you can reconnect.

Black & White 2019

Our American Heroes

Pentagon Patriotic Art

Canyon Spirits


2019 - Black & White 2019, Black Box Gallery, Portland Oregon

2016 - Our American Heroes Art Show, Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs CO

2016 - Emporium Center, Arts & Culture Alliance, Knoxville TN

2014 - Veteran's Artist Program, Pentagon Patriotic Art, Arlington VA

2013 - 24th Annual Competition, Dalton Gallery, Rock Hill SC

2012 - Dogwood Festival Fine Arts Show, Emporium Center for Arts, Knoxville TN

2011 - Solo Exhibit, The Meeting Street Window Display, North Charleston SC

2011 - Solo Exhibit, City Hall Rotunda Gallery, Rock Hill SC

2011 - Dogwood Festival Fine Arts Show, Bennett Gallery, Knoxville TN

2011 - Winter Tide Exhibit, Hot Springs AR

2011 - 22nd Annual Competition, Dalton Gallery, Rock Hill SC

2010 - Photography Exhibit, Art Trail Gallery, Florence SC