Patriotism Is Not Dead

If you spend a lot of time on media, especially social media, you would think patriotism was dead. Professional athletes kneel during the national anthem, the American flag is burnt during protests and instead of being grateful to live in a free country, some can only find fault. But I have a theory about that. My theory is this dissention is only what the media is selling. I don’t believe the majority of Americans feel that way. I spent last week traveling through the eastern part of this country and saw many visual displays of pride in this country. The countryside was dotted with flags; flags on homes, barns, fences, stores, they were everywhere.

Many of the towns I traveled through in New York displayed banners honoring their hometown heroes; military veterans. One farmer even cut the letters USA in a large field.  No, patriotism is not dead, it’s just not popular in the news, but it is popular throughout this great country.

What signs of patriotism have you seen?